15th Annual Banking Operational Risk Management Summit

10 - 11 February 2021 I ONLINE

The recent pandemic situation increased operational risks, such as relationships with third-party vendors, higher volume of cyber threats, dependencies on technology and information systems, etc. Some banks were well prepared in advance, some reacted promptly and some were facing significant difficulties during past months. What they have in common is the 15th Annual Banking Operational Risk Management Summit, where they will delegate their representatives to discuss the latest challenges, trends, and lessons learned. Banks such as Credit SuisseINGDeutsche BankBNP ParibasSantander or HSBC will present case studies about their strategies, projects and frameworks. During the conference, we will cover topics around the 3 lines of defence, technology risk, risk appetite, outsourcing risk, reputational or conduct risks.
For the first time we are bringing together senior-level decision-makers and executives responsible for global risk departments in a HYBRID format of the event! You can either exploit the opportunity to join us physically in Vienna and meet your industry peers in person, or you can attend the conference ONLINE using a streaming platform. Either way you will be able to benefit from this unique business conference, benchmark against the leading European banks and establish important contacts. We are looking forward to welcoming you at this remarkable OpRisk conference in February!

Hottest topics will be discussed this annual

  • How to protect against the increasing threat of cyber-attacks?
  • The importance of strategic relationship among the 3 lines of defence
  • Recent events shaping operational risk
  • Development and modernisation of operational risk tools
  • Integration between the operational risk, reputational risk, conduct risk and others
  • Benefits vs. drawbacks of regulations for operational risk management
  • Emerging risks – How to identify and mitigate them?
  • The measurement of risk appetite for operational risk


Charles FORDE

Group Head of Operational Risk


Future State of Operational Risk

Operational risk in financial services is evolving rapidly and its profile and visibility has significantly increased in the recent years, particularly at the level of Management Board and with the regulatory authorities. The importance of operational risk has also been further accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. This presentation will explore the key drivers for the evolution and the objectives that banks must focus on for the future.

• The risk landscape today
• Key components of operational risk from now to 2025+
• The price of transformation and the cost of not transforming
• What does it mean for operational risk in the future (data, IT, AI, automation & standardisation, industry utilities, smart analytics)
• Focus on transformation of the workforce


Director – Operational Risk Capital


Implementing a Bottom up Skill Matching Platform at LH Group – How to Empower Employees and Become More Efficient

The journey to transition to dynamic processes and e.g. risk assessments, reporting and proactive management of non-financial risks e.g. risk appetite, supported by data.

• Siloed systems & processes
• Data infrastructure
• Transition to dynamic & efficient processes (use case)

Dr. Anit DEB

Head of External Industry Coverage in Operational Risk


Emerging Risks Identified with Scenario Analysis

Mature risks are well understood. The COVID-19 implications revealed that more focus is needed to uncover emerging risks. This results in a change of reporting requirements to enhance the indicators that highlight risks not yet fully materialised, some examples will be presented here.

• Scenario analysis approach extended to uncover emerging risks
• Capital requirements for emerging risks allow early recognition of future risks

Stephanie IREDALE

Head of Process, Risk and Control, COO Risk and Finance


Risk Management and Process Management – How These Can Work Better Together?

Organisations often look at non-financial risk and compliance risk management as something you have to do, on top of, and it is often seen as separate to the daily operations. Established companies with processes built to support financial risk and credit risk at the core, often struggle with embedding NFR and Compliance at the core of the operations. Challenger banks and many FinTechs solve this with new technologies and streamlined processes. This session looks at ways established companies can achieve results and gain the benefit from risk management.

• How to overcome legacy issues in improving risk maturity?
• How can strong process governance benefit risk management?
• What needs to be in place to achieve success?
• Discuss some case studies and learn from the experiences together


Chief Risk Officer


RiskOp Management – The Added Value of Captivet

Captives offer a solution for the financing of retained risks. After a brief review of the reinsurance mechanisms and concepts linked to captives, the benefits of the main insurance contacts used to mitigate risks (operational and financial) will be presented.

• Reinsurance contracts: Type of treaties
• Captive: Which benefits for the owner
• Financing retained risks: To reduce and stabilise the cost of insurance

It was an excellent opportunity to network with other companies and pick up the best bits from them and see how they can be applied to us

SVP for Digital Products at Credit Suisse

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