16th Annual Banking Operational Risk Management Summit

2 – 3 February 2022 | Vienna

The banking sector has been going through tangible transformation processes lately. 2021 has brought many changes to the industry, so now you must prepare yourself for the new era in 2022 by acquiring new skills and strengthening your knowledge. There are more and more questions raising, such as: What will define the OR compliance? How to make sure that you create productive environment in your company? Why aligning roles and responsibilities, processes and frameworks is a necessary step to operate efficiently? Let us get these and other questions answered at the 16th Annual Banking Operational Risk Management Summit. The 16th Annual Banking Operational Risk Management Summit has been designed for people, who are willing to keep up with the current challenges, eager for constant improvement & ready to define tomorrow’s trends. Our C-level speakers will dwell on all the hottest topics of 2022 in the field of banking risk, such as ICT from a GRC, employee error or fraud, roles and responsibilities that should lead to shaping the operational resilience, strategies of dismantling the web of legislation, healthy organisational structure and many others. We have a limited number of seats at this event, so do not miss this unique opportunity to be a part of the operational risk management summit, a place where you can learn, network & enjoy communication with like-minded people.

Hottest topics that will be discussed this annual

  • Will resilience be the key factor to ensure firms are in a robust, safe and capable position to accelerate their plans in 2022?
  • Operational risk management and its role in banking
  • What should be included in the risk appetite not to be overwhelmed with risks?
  • Crucial mistakes when working with vendors: How to identify and avoid them
  • ICT from a GRC (Governance, Risk, Compliance) perspective
  • How to have a productive environment in your company?
  • How to effectively improve your operational risk management: What are the lessons learned?



Deputy Head of Group Operational Risk


Establishing Operational Risk Limits and Key Indicators of Individual Operational Risk Areas

This presentation will discuss Nordea’s considerations when defining risk limits and Key Risk Indicators for some of the level 2 operational risk areas – the level below operational risk.

• What is the purpose of the risk limit and Key Risk Indicators, why are they needed?
• Discussion regarding design principles for Key Risk Indicators
• How to balance between quantitative and qualitative risk indicators
• Should there always be an option to “override” the quantitative outcome of the Key Risk Indicators with professional engagement if needed


Head of 2-line Cyber Risk


Cyber Security in the World of the Evolving Risk Landscape

Cyber security is evolving quickly, with accelerating threats. This presentation will go into detail about the most significant of these developments to bring you up to date. Now the question arises whether these developments also require a different approach in managing cyber risk. We do think so and will explain you how.


Non-Financial Risk Management, Head Global Read-Across


Global Read-Across: How to Minimise Recurrence of Repeated Failures

Global Read-Across is a key element of the effective ORM framework focusing on identification of underlying risk drivers, root causes and their applicability across the organisation with the objective to minimise the likelihood of potential recurring risk events. This is achieved through analysis of the risk drivers, lessons learned and identification of control improvements to sustainably address potential failures to occur elsewhere in the organisation.


Head of Governance & Framework


Future Proofing the Right Competence in the Information Security & Tech Areas

Information security is not just about securing the IT systems but also about securing staff and getting access to all the different types of capabilities required to meet the fast-moving digital reality. We need to ensure that we are offering a workplace where people are allowed to grow and develop. Pernilla will talk about how Swedbank works with attracting, motivating and retaining tech competence. She will also talk about how to actively recruit with gender equality and diversity perspectives in mind to ensure not to miss out the best talents due to having too narrow view.


Head of IT, Third Party and Fraud Risks Management


OpRes and OpRisk – Conjoined Twins or Split Personalities?

This talk will provide some context into the alignment the differences between operational resilience and operational risk management and highlight examples from the banking world on these two very important areas.

• Introduction to Operational Resilience (OpRes) and Operational Risk (OpRisk) management
• The relationships and differences between OpRes and OpRisk management
• Examples from the banking world
• Towards a robust risk management framework utilising both OpRes and OpRisk management frameworks

Very good organisation and the quality of presentations was excellent. Thank you!

Head of ORM & Reputational Framework Management, Intesa Sanpaolo

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